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Book of Dark #1: Always Stand Up

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes
Book 1: Always Stand Up

Keane is a perfectly ordinary fourteen year old orphan, normal in every respect…

Except for his abnormal, glowing hands, his unexplained dreams frequented by a scary, black dragon, the bullies at his school that just won’t leave him alone, and a crippling crush on the new girl.

Lucky, then, that he remains entirely unaware of his innate connection to the fearful race of supernatural beings called the Terralytes who rise against the Council of Majjikons and the mighty PeaceKeepers of the High Realm to re-claim the Earth… all of it!

The Book of Dark Saga is split into three volumes of twelve books each.

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes, is the first in this trilogy of volumes, and follows Keane as he learns that he is not human, but a Majjikon who lost his memory, and that he may be a crucial part of an age old Prophecy on the verge of being invoked… or maybe not!

Follow Keane, Brok and Zara as they stumble through their adventures in a whole new world. Join them in their travels from the benign, Gaian-run High Realm to the deadly, Terralyte-infested Muurteth Dinhalvo. Discover the characters they will meet along the way, from helpful mentors such as Tristan and the Kahnomdaehi, to fearsome Terralytes such as BezzaRitsy, and Slavizarus.

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