"You've given them... hope," said Tristan, "They believe in you, Keane. I believe in you."

"I'm no hero, Greenster," said Keane. "I don’t even remember who or what I am. I remember nothing!" His eyes averted groundwards. His voice dwindled to a whisper. "I am nothing..."



Book #1: Always Stand Up

Keane is a perfectly ordinary fourteen year old orphan, normal in every respect... Except for his abnormal, glowing hands, his unexplained dreams frequented by a scary, black dragon, the bullies at his school that just won't leave him alone, and a crippling crush on the new girl.

Lucky, then, that he remains entirely unaware of his innate connection to the fearful race of supernatural beings called the Terralytes who rise against the Council of Majjikons and the mighty PeaceKeepers of the High Realm to claim all of Earth in the name of their Order.

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Book #2: The Heir of Hozar

Book of Dark #2: The Heir of Hozar

The heir of Hozar is rising to take over all of Gaia—all of Earth—and, when a trusted ally demands that he find Book of Dark, he deploys a team of bounty hunters to do so. Meanwhile, Keane, who still believes that he's just an ordinary 14-year-old, is too busy falling in love with the new girl, alienating his best friend, and battling with bullies to fully understand what role he is to play in either the search for Book of Dark or the imminent fight for Gaia...

Book #3: Prom Night Premonitions

Book #3: Prom Night Premonitions

Evil Terralytes seeking Book of Dark have infiltrated John Atkin's High and Prom Night is nigh! Meanwhile, Keane, a 14-year-old orphan struggling with girl problems, remains blissfully unaware that he is a Majjikon. When Randy and his fellow Bullies get up to their usual antics again, luck conspires to allow Keane and his best friend Brok to concoct a revenge plan. But they have no idea how badly tangled they're about to get with the Terralytes and their search for the Book...

The BOOK OF DARK Saga is a teen fantasy adventure series created by Deepak Khanchandani. The thirty-six part are divided into three volumes of twelve books each.

Volume 1: Rise of the Terralytes

Volume 2: Legend of the LoneWalker (Coming Soon)

Volume 3: Under Solarian Watch (Coming Soon)

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